Good-bye garbage, hello recycling!

This is our garbage can before our garbage was picked up for the last time.  “Goodbye stinky garbage can!” 

What are we going to do with our trash, you ask??  Well, we’ve been composting our food scraps for a few months now, so that has reduced our garbage output slightly.  Recently, we found out that our garbage collector was starting a recycling program, and a huge portion of our trash is recyclable, so we decided to go for it.  We shouldn’t have a lot of trash left, but what we do, we’ll take to the Resource Recovery Plant ourselves every few months.

Now, we have a fancy new recycling can.  It’s a lot easier than most recycling programs I’ve heard about.  Any recyclables that are accepted – paper, cardboard, tin, plastic, etc… – can all just be dumped into the bin.  We don’t have to sort anything! 

I’m hoping that not having standard garbage pick-up will actually help us to really think about the trash we are producing to see  if there are ways we can continue to reduce.  While it is true that 75% of the trash in Ames is burned, that still leaves 25% going to a landfill.  Not to mention that burning cardboard boxes doesn’t actually mean that we have to cut down any fewer trees…

The main thing that I’ve noticed in our trash in the last week is food packaging, so figuring out ways to buy more things in bulk and portioning them out ourselves is next on my to-do-list for reducing our garbage output.  Let me know if you have any great ideas!!



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2 responses to “Good-bye garbage, hello recycling!

  1. This is awesome! Food packaging IS ridiculous, Brad and I are always commenting on it. Was it super expensive to switch to recycling only?

  2. MamaMort

    It’s actually cheaper for just recycling. Bonus!!

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