Our Little Pantomime

This girl is amazing and makes my jaw drop at least once a day, if not more.  Lately we have discovered how observant Chloe Mae is.  She is constantly mimicking our actions, with no prompting from us.  Here are a few examples from just today:

  • Chloe’s sitter thanked her daughter for scratching her back when she was touching her back.  Chloe walked over and actually started rubbing/scratching the sitter’s back.  When the sitter said, ‘Thank you’ Chloe Mae said something that sounded an awful lot like, ‘You’re welcome.’  We have never taught her to scratch someone’s back, but Aaron and I occasionally do it to eachother when we’re on the floor playing with Chloe.   And we’re still working on saying thank you with Chloe and haven’t begun to tackle you’re welcome.  But we do always say you’re welcome to her if she says thank you.  She just knows it comes after thank you!!
  • After her bath tonight, I sat her on the counter so I could comb her hair.  My wedding ring and another ring were sitting on the edge of the counter, because I’d taken them off after I put her in the tub.  She grabbed my rings, and right as I was about to ask her to put them down, she not only put them down, but she put them on the lip of our countertop where I put my rings overnight.  I know I have never shown her that – she just knew they went there!!
  • Then we were downstairs playing with her kitchen.  She took the potato out of the basket, put it in the microwave and closed the door.  Then she pressed a few buttons (to put in the time) waited a bit, took it out and started ‘eating’ it.  How smart is this kid?!?  She knows exactly how it works.

To someone other than her mom, this might not seem like much.  You might be reading this thinking, “So what??”  I feel like I can’t put into words how significant these little things really seem to me.  I mean, this isn’t just her playing with a toy microwave.  This is her paying attention to her world and figuring out how things work, so she can someday function in this world without me.  Although that’s far away.  Really, really far away….right??


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