“Across the street and down the hill…

To Nanna and Dudad’s we go!!”

This is the scene before last night’s event:
Chloe Mae, mommy, daddy and the dogs are all playing in the backyard.  Chloe walks to the gate, points and grunts – a sure sign that she wants to go to the front yard to play.  (There are all kinds of great things to play with in the front yard like a swing, rocks and acorns.)  Daddy decides to go inside to check on dinner and he takes the dogs with him.  So mommy and Chloe head out to the front yard alone.

This is when “The Event” occurs:
Mommy is walking a little ahead of Chloe and stops next to the swing.  She asks Chloe, “Would you like to swing now??”  Chloe ignores mommy and keeps walking down the driveway.  Mommy starts to go after her, afraid she’ll walk right into the street, to ask Chloe where she’s going.  Again, Chloe ignores mommy and keeps walking – now down the sidewalk.  Since Chloe seems to know exactly where she’s going, mommy decides just to follow her to see where she’s headed.

As they approach the first intersection, Chloe is still going strong – not a single stick, leaf or rock has managed to distract her from her mission.  Mommy stops Chloe and tells her she needs to look both ways for cars and then hold mommy’s hand while they cross the street.  Chloe grudgingly holds mommy’s hand so she can continue on her journey.  A few houses later, they start down a big hill.  Mommy tries to convince Chloe to hold her hand, because it’s a pretty big hill, but Chloe is sure she doesn’t need any help and can do it all by herself.  Then mommy tries to just keep her hand in front of Chloe, so she’s ready to catch her if she falls.  Chloe stops to reiterate her point that she’s a big girl.  She looks up at mommy, glares, yells and swats her hand away.  Luckily, mommy and Chloe make it to the bottom of the hill in one piece.  Chloe makes a left, crossing another street, and starts saying “Nanna, Nanna!!”  

That’s right folks.  My 16-month old daughter knew the way and walked 1/4 mile to Nanna and Dudad’s house – and it was all her idea!!

A recreation of last night's events...

Unfortunately, as we rounded a small curve before their house, I saw that there were no vehicles in the driveway.  Nanna and Dudad were not home.  **Cue doomsday music…**  Chloe didn’t believe me and didn’t understand why I wouldn’t let her go in and play with them.  I swiped her up and carried my crying, screaming toddler back home, up the big hill (I’m pretty sure it was even bigger on the way back up!!) trying to calm her by promising a trip back to Nanna and Dudad’s after dinner.  I was crossing my fingers that they would be home later in the evening, because as I learned by our trip down there, I have a smart little girl on my hands who remembers everything.  No more making promises we can’t keep!!

We arrived home, explained our adventure to dad, and called Nanna.  She was just leaving work and would be home soon.  *whew!!*  We ate dinner and headed down to Nanna and Dudad’s – with Chloe taking a wagon ride this time – and Chloe got her fix.  

Now that I know she knows the way, we’ll have to make sure Chloe doesn’t crawl out of her crib in the middle of the night and head down.  She can reach the doorknobs now and is trying to figure out how to work them…


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One response to ““Across the street and down the hill…

  1. Nanna

    One of these days you’ll be distracted for two seconds and “lose” Chloe. You’ll be able to find her at our house. Should we give her a key to the house? Love you both!!

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