Our Smoothie Queen

As a family, we have smoothies at breakfast 2 or 3 times a week.  At first, I shared mine with Chloe.  It quickly became clear that she wanted (needed) her own cup.  We have one sippy cup with a straw and Chloe has been working hard on making it work.  The problem is, she wants to tip the cup back like she does with all of her other cups.  But the straw cup needs to be kept down for it to work – the whole idea of a straw 🙂

We try to remind her to “keep the cup down like mommy’s.”  That generally works for about 3 seconds before she flings it back up in the air.  We have discovered a slightly more effective method though – she just wedges it down between herself and the table.  It’s adorable.

And what do you think about her bed-head??  Cute isn’t it 😀


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