Happy Anniversary to Us!!

In honor of our  4th wedding anniversary later this week, Aaron and I had a weekend away together.  Chloe Mae spent the weekend with Nanna and Dudad and Aaron and I got wild and crazy and spent the weekend in ….*drumroll*…. Des Moines!  It might seem lame to some, but we could do pretty much everything we wanted with our weekend in Des Moines – sleep in, eat out, go shopping and do a little nothing – and were happy not to spend 8+ hours in the car.

We checked into the Sheraton on Friday evening.  We took advantage of some connections and got a pretty good rate on the room (free!!) which allowed us to do some other fun things over the weekend.  We started out by going to Court Avenue Brewing Company for dinner with Aaron’s cousin, Jeff, and his girlfriend, Kathy.  I enjoyed a chocolate martini, Aaron enjoyed trying their microbrews and we both enjoyed having adult company at dinner!!

Then we decided to act like kids, without ours, and played video games at AllPlay.  I decided that if Aaron ever decides to get a motorcycle, we better up our life insurance and we won enough tickets to get some Laffty Taffy and a sweet slap bracelet 🙂  After all was said and done, we were still back in our hotel room a little after 9.  It’s rough getting old…

Saturday morning we slept in until 7:30!!  I wanted to spend all morning doing nothing, so we had breakfast in bed and watched some home remodeling shows on TV.  It wasn’t a complete success though, because we were still showered and out of the hotel room by 10:30.  After 17 months of being busy with Chloe Mae all the time, it’s hard to do nothing!!  We started the day with some shopping.  Aaron really wanted to buy the Shake Weight For Men at Bed, Bath and Beyond, because he’d seem the commercial for it twice that morning, but I wouldn’t let him.  Luckily I’m good at dealing with tantrums in stores these days 😛

We had lunch at Applebee’s so we could catch part of the Iowa State game.  I think their win was the highlight of Aaron’s weekend!!  After lunch, we did a little shopping for Miss Chloe Mae at Old Navy and then went to the Aveda Institute and got massages.  The students giving our massages could tell which side we carry Chloe on (note to self: try to switch to the right side every now and then…) and helped work out some knots.  It was great!!  We went back to the hotel to recover from our massages, watch some more football, and get ready for our own progressive dinner.

We went to 3 different restaurants for our appetizer, entree and dessert, with some shopping in between.  Our first stop was Buffalo Wild Wings where we enjoyed Parmesan Garlic Wings and watched the Iowa Game.

We caught snippets of the game while we were at the mall – I think every guy stuck in the mall – working or shopping – was in Scheel’s watching it!!  After we felt sufficiently digested from our first course, we walked over to Joe’s Crab Shack and had Crab Cakes for dinner.  I haven’t spent much time at Jordan Creek Mall, but we really liked the open air feel.  We enjoyed our walk between restaurants and the mall, next to their pond and fountains, and got to sit outside at Joe’s, which was quite pleasant with the heaters on the patio.  Considering it’s all just a big commercial zone, it was fairly romantic.  As romantic as Aaron and I get at least – there was also some silliness.


After a little more shopping, we got some cheesecake to-go from the Cheesecake Factory and headed back to the hotel.  We shared a piece of Snickers Cheesecake and a piece of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cake and Cheesecake.  They were delicious and a perfect end to our meal!!  We’re total party animals* and didn’t go to bed until after 9:30!!

We slept until 8AM today!!  Then we enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the hotel, made a stop at Babie’s R’ Us and headed home.  We unpacked, did some laundry and grocery shopping before we picked Chloe Mae up.  Not the most exciting way to end our weekend away, but it definitely helped us have a much less stressful end to our weekend.  As I write this, Chloe is napping and Aaron is watching football – everyone’s happy.

Stay tuned to my blog.  Soon, you’ll get to hear all about Chloe’s adventures this weekend!!

*I realize we’re the farthest thing from party animals, but I like to pretend we’re not totally lame 🙂


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  1. Happy anniversary to you!! (a few days early 🙂 ) Your weekend sounds like it was wonderful – way better than our “I’m 37 weeks pregnant and just want to stay home and sleep” anniversary celebration. Congrats on 4 years!

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