Chloe’s Weekend Away

Chloe Mae had the pleasure of spending the whole weekend with Nanna and Dudad when Aaron and I went away for our anniversary.  It started out like a normal overnight visit with Nanna and Dudad.  Chloe spent the evening playing (and getting spoiled, I’m sure.)  She went to bed like everything was normal.  Then Uncle Justin and Aunt Becky brought Julia over to spend the night as well.  When Chloe Mae woke up on Saturday morning, she was over the moon to discover that Julia was there to play with her!!  I’m told Nanna didn’t mind so much either when the girls had a hugging marathon with Nanna.

When Uncle Justin and Aunt Becky came back to pick Julia up, they took Chloe with them for a field trip to Center Grove Orchard.  They played in the corn pool, met some farm animals, took a hayride and picked out pumpkins.  Chloe spent the whole afternoon playing there – even skipping her nap in favor of playing.  (Although it does appear as though maybe she took a nap in the corn pool for a while.  See picture below…)  I’m told that Chloe was a little leary at first, because she’s not used to hanging out with Justin, Becky and Julia without us around.  On the drive home, Chloe had finally warmed up to them and told all kinds of stories after Julia fell asleep.

Chloe spent Saturday evening recovering from her outing to the orchard.  After a late nap, we’re told she devoured some pork chop for dinner.  Sunday, she headed to church with Nanna and Dudad.  Her favorite part was saying “Bye-bye” to everybody at the end.  Then they headed to lunch at The Iowa Stater Restaurant, where Chloe accused Nanna of being crazy for thinking she might enjoy pork tacos.  Pork chops and pork tacos obviously share nothing in common!!

When I arrived to pick Chloe up on Sunday, she saw me from across the room, said “Mama!” and continued playing – turning on every noise-making toy and showing me everything she had been playing with.  She wasn’t overly excited to go home – after all, she’d spent the weekend getting spoiled!!


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  1. Nanna

    What a great weekend with the two granddaughters and Chloe Mae on Sunday. Thanks for entrusting us with your little baby girl!!

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