It’s Worth a Shot, Right??

Chloe Mae is many things.  For this story, it’s important to know that she’s smart and independent.  She is also cloth-diapered and kind of predictable/obvious when it comes to certain bodily functions.  

I can admit that I am independent, stubborn and a huge planner. For 2 years now, ever since we started looking into cloth-diapering, we’ve been saying “And it’ll be easier to potty train her when the time comes!!” because that is a benefit we kept reading about (because cloth diapers don’t wick away the moisture like disposables do, so it’s easier for kids to tell they’re wet.)  I worked at a daycare for about a year, mainly with 3, 4, and 5 year olds, and saw kids in all different stages of potty training.  Dealing with 4.5 – 5 year olds who aren’t completely potty trained is not something I want to repeat at any time in my life.  So I’ve always thought that we’d start potty-training Chloe Mae early.  

I never thought that ‘early’ meant 17 months though.

Why you ask??

Every morning, shortly after breakfast, Chloe and I would have to stop whatever we were doing to go change a dirty diaper.  For about a month now, she’s been teething.  Anyone who has kids probably know what that means.  And we’ve been dealing with a diaper rash because of this for a few weeks now.  So I was ready to try about anything to have even one less dirty diaper a day to change – for my sake and Chloe’s.

Monday morning, with no expectations, I sat Chloe on the toilet.  I held on so she wouldn’t fall on, and did my best to explain to my one year-old why she was sitting there.  After about 10 seconds, she wanted to get down.  I let her.  I wasn’t going to push the issue, I just wanted to start getting her used to the idea of sitting on the toilet.  Then my little girl surprised me – she peered into the toilet, then asked to get back up.  She sat there for another 10 seconds or so, then asked to get down, peered in and got back up.  I had decided that this was the last time I was going to let her get up and down, because I didn’t want it to become a game.  Third time’s the charm though – she actually pooped in the toilet when she got back up!!

I was totally unprepared for our first go on the toilet though.  There I was trying to get toilet paper, while keeping Chloe from falling in or hopping down before we were done.  Then I ran into her bedroom to get a fresh diaper and came back to my daughter peeing on the floor.  Oops – my mistake!!

This morning I tried to be a little more prepared.  We bought a “Cushie Tushie” last night so the risk of Chloe falling in is reduced 🙂  We also put some wipes in the bathroom, so I won’t have to battle the roll of toilet paper.  I had a clean diaper ready.  We were set.  I put Chloe Mae up on the toilet.  She was a little squirmy and kept trying to peer into the toilet bowl again, but she got her business done – again!!  And this time, there was no mess on the floor to clean up when we were done.

Do I think we’ll be completely potty trained by next week??  Of course not.  I’m not totally unrealistic.  I am, however, excited at this first step.  And I’m crossing my fingers that the last couple mornings haven’t just been a huge coincidence!!


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