“Do you need a kiss??”

Last week, Chloe Mae smashed her fingers in one of the cupboards in our kitchen.  I asked if she needed me to kiss then to make them better.  With her bottom lip stuck out and tears in her eyes, she presented her tiny little fingers for kisses.  After she got her kisses, the whimpering stopped and her lip got tucked back in.  I dried her tears and we moved on with our day.

Ever since then, anytime Chloe gets an owie, she needs to get her fingers kissed.  Just to clarify – she doesn’t just need her fingers kissed when she hurts her fingers.  Tonight, she was flinging a toy around and hit herself in the head.  I asked if she needed a kiss to make it better, and she gave me her finger to kiss.

Such a freakin’ cutie!!


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