Top Ten Tuesday – Things I Love About My Daughter

While I love my daughter with all my heart, I can admit that there are times, seemingly lasting days on end sometimes, that she can be a bit difficult. (I have no idea where her she gets that from…)   It’s in those times that I force myself to focus on the things I love about her, big or small.  It’s great to just stop and think about how amazing she is – even in all her stubborn, independent, sometimes cranky glory.  Here are 10 things that I love about Chloe Mae.

1. She has a pointer finger and she knows how to use it!  Chloe probably spends half of her awake time pointing at anything and everything, saying what it is and moving on to the next thing.  Breakfast goes something like this:

Chloe: *points at plate*  “Toh!”
Me: “Yes, that’s your toast.”
Chloe: *points at plate*  “Baba!”
Me: “Yes, you have banana.”
Chloe: *points at cup*  “Mih!”
Me: “Yes, that’s your milk.”
Chloe: *points at Aaron*  “Dada!”
Me: “Yep. That’s Daddy!”
Chloe: *points at me*  “Mama!”
Me: “Yep. I’m mommy.  I love you Chloe Mae!”

Then if we’re lucky she’ll eat one bite or take a drink of her milk before we go through the rotation again.  I love every minute of it though, because she’s so happy with herself that she knows ‘words’ and that I know what she’s saying.  It’s amazing to watch her learn!!

2. She loves to help us.  I’m still learning to do things in a way that Chloe can help me, but she loves it!!  She puts away groceries, helps Aaron make smoothies in the morning, dusts shelves…she does whatever she can to help – whether we need it or not 🙂

3. She is great at reading books.  Most mornings we spend at least 20 minutes in her bedroom reading books.  We read a couple, she pulls a few more off the bookshelf and we read some more.  She also likes reading by herself.



4. She likes to give hugs and kisses.  I’d like to think I get hugs and kisses because Chloe loves me and appreciates everything I do for her.  However, she also likes to shower her rubber ducky with affection in the tub, gives kisses to people in books and gave a 4-year old at the park a big hug and was going in for a kiss before I pulled her away from the somewhat freaked out child.

5. She has mad puzzle skills.  This is another one of those, “She just amazes me” sort of deals.  She can do a puzzle the first time she sees it.  And she doesn’t just get the pieces near their spot, she actually fits them in just right.  And she gets sooooo excited when she sees her puzzles.  I can’t say this enough, I just love watching her little mind work.

6. She likes building towers almost as much as she likes knocking them over.  She has such great concentration and perseverance when she’s building a block tower.  Then she grins and knocks the tower down and giggles.

7. She loves to dance.  She’ll dance to the ABC’s, the horrible techno-like music on her sit-and-spin or the radio.  She doesn’t care, she just likes to dance.  It’s even better if she can see herself in a mirror.  Then she really breaks out the good moves!!

8. She remembers EVERYTHING.  Monday night Chloe saw her smoothie cup and the Magic Bullet.  She immediately started asking for a smoothie like a mad woman.  (She loves her smoothies!!)  We told her she could have a smoothie for breakfast on Tuesday morning.  Then we distracted her and moved on with our night.   Tuesday morning, with no prompting, she started asking for a smoothie and ran to the kitchen.  A-mazing!!

9. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it.  Enough said.

10. She starts my day with a hug and snuggles.  When I walk into her room in the morning, usually half-asleep and wishing Chloe had slept just another 15 minutes, she wraps her chubby little arms around my neck and lays her head down on my shoulder.  Then we go snuggle on our bed.  There’s no better way to start my day.  Unless of course the snuggling could take place 15 minutes later…

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