“You look like a movie star’s baby!!”

That’s what Aaron said when Chloe and I got home from my mom’s last night.  (This is funny to me, because anytime I get home from a haircut, Aaron says something like, “Oh my gosh! How did Angelina Jolie get into my house?!? You look like a movie star!!”  On with the story though…)  You guessed it, Chloe had her first haircut last night.

Things were starting to get a little out of control.  You can see what I mean below.

Before *

Luckily, we have a family friend who cuts my mom’s hair at her house, so we took Chloe over to have her hair cut at Nanna’s.  I think the combination of being in a familiar place and a sucker were a winning combination.

I didn’t know it was even possible, but I think Chloe Mae might have gotten even cuter after her haircut.

After *

*These are completely accurate representations of what her hair looked like before and after the haircut.  I would never think to use a picture of her with bedhead as the before picture and then give her a bath and blowdry her hair prior to the after picture.



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2 responses to ““You look like a movie star’s baby!!”

  1. I don’t know – that before picture kind of makes her look like a rock star’s baby!

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