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Pizza Fridays

Long before Chloe was eating solids (so long I think she may have still been in-utero) Aaron and I decided Friday nights were going to be pizza nights with our kids.  It might be homemade pizza, frozen pizza, Papa Murphy’s or Pizza Hut…but we’d have pizza.  Once the kids were old enough, we’d eat pizza in front of the TV while we started a movie.  Until then, we’d snuggle up and watch a little TV after dinner.  It would be a great way to end the week and kick off our weekend – at least until our kids decided they were too cool for us.  (But we weren’t going to think about that!!)

We didn’t decide this only because we like pizza and movies, but because we wanted to make sure family time and traditions were a priority for us.  Most of my favorite memories growing up involve a fun, but simple, family tradition.  We didn’t go to Disney every year (in fact I’ve never been to Disney, but I’m not bitter…)  Instead, we played Monopoly on the floor in front of the fireplace on Sunday afternoons.  At Christmas, there’s always a clue hidden in a certain ornament on the tree.  It leads us to another clue, which leads us to another until eventually we find our big gift for the year.  I love it and hope my mom still does it when I’m 40, although by that point the grandkids will probably be getting clues.

Helping dad sprinkle cheese on a homemade pizza.

What’s the point of all my rambling??  I love traditions and the memories they make and hope that I can have many, fun, amazing traditions with my kids.  And I hope 25 years from now, Chloe looks back and remembers how much fun we had on Pizza Fridays.  What are your family traditions??


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Who is this (not so) little girl?

I feel like I haven’t written here in a long time.  Chloe Mae keeps us busy these days, and when we’re not busy with her, I’m exhausted.  What have we been up to lately??  Well, Chloe’s favorite thing to do right now is pretend.  And she has a full entourage that she pretends with.

Chloe with her doll, Dotty, Curious George, Minnie Mouse, her baby and 'Blue Guy' - squishy stress ball

These guys all get their hair combed, take naps, eat and drink all kinds of imaginary food, read books…you name it, they probably do it.  They also need to do pretty much anything Chloe does.  She likes to bounce on the pilates ball, so guess what Dotty did tonight??

Although I occasionally get tired of carting the entourage up and down and all over the house, watching her take care of her friends makes me smile.  Every now and then, I’m floored – and maybe a little sad – by how ‘old’ this makes my  little girl seem though.

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