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Five Little Monkeys & 14 Weeks

I think Chloe first sang this song with her wonderful sitter.  Then we heard it on the kids music channel on our TV and she was dancing along with the actions.  Finally, one night when we were having trouble convincing Chloe to put her pajamas on, Aaron referred to them as her ‘Monkeys Jumping on the Bed Jammies’ and she put them on in a hurry.  We haven’t been able to stop singing the song since. 

In case you’re not familiar, it goes something like this: 
Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped her head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!  …  Four little monkeys jumping on the bed…” 

Aaron even found a version on YouTube that’s a bit reggae.  Cute, but very annoying when it’s stuck in your head.

This morning, we had our 14 week check-up for BabyD.  I knew it would be a quick appointment, so we planned on just taking Chloe with us.  When Aaron told her we were going to the doctor this morning, she replied with “No, no monkeys!” and patted herself on the head.  Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen.  My daughter doesn’t equate doctors with shots or anything bad.  She just thinks about those darn little monkeys who jump on the bed!!

How did our appointment for BabyD go??  It was uneventful, always a good sign.  I was informed that all my bloodwork from my first appointment came back in black ink, which is good.  “You don’t want red ink,” according to my doctor.  I had gained 4 pounds in 4 weeks, which is right one track.  I then admitted that I had really gained 4 pounds in 1 week and he said averages were all that mattered.  Whew!!  I just have to make sure I don’t do that every week 🙂  The doctor also measured my stomach for the first time and I’m right on track.  So…uneventful!!  We scheduled our next appointment, with our ultrasound (yay!!) for April 27.   Here’s to hoping the time flies by!!

Just for fun, this is my belly shot at 19 weeks with Chloe Mae.  This is what I looked like at 10 weeks and 14 weeks with BabyD.  I’ve heard it’s common to show earlier with your second child, but, wowzers!!

10 weeks

14 weeks

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He’s decided he wants to be cool like me and he’s joined the blogging world!  Check him out at Now you get to hear all about our lives from both perspectives.  I’m sure you’re thrilled 😀


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We Must Be Doing Something Right…

After 22 months, I’ve already realized that a majority of my time as a parent will be spent wondering if I’m doing anything right.  Are we feeding her the right kinds of food? My co-workers think I’m ridiculous for trying to withhold processed sweets from Chloe (GASP! Chloe’s never had an Oreo!) Their theory – she’s going to get it eventually, at school or a friend’s house, and when she gets a taste of it, she’ll go crazy for it! Are we doing enough to encourage her independence?  Without trying to make her grow up too quickly of course… Should we read the 17th book in a row to her or try to steer her towards another activity for a while?  Drawing, building blocks and dancing are all important in her little world too!

This morning, I had an Aha! moment where I let out a sigh of relief and thought, We must be doing something right!  Chloe and I were loading up into the car to go to the sitters.  There are several books scattered on the floor and seats. She was telling me all about them, pointing at them, naming off all the titles – just chattering in general.  Then she asked for a book called, “Shapes” that had slid over to the other side of the car.  Chloe Mae’s speech still isn’t crystal clear though, so I double checked to make sure I understood her correctly, pointing at the book and asking if that’s the one she wanted.  Her response, “Please, mommy!”  That just about did it for me, but after I buckled her in and grabbed the book, she said, “Thank you mommy!”

We’ve been working on saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ since before Chloe started talking – encouraging her to sign or say it.  Unless prompted by us though, she wasn’t saying either. We’ve been making progress, and DaddyMort has even gotten better about responding with ‘you’re welcome.’ 🙂  Hearing both ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ from her this morning, both unprompted, sure started my Monday off right!

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Ego Boost!

At work today, a customer asked if I was pregnant.  I wanted to say, “Why, yes, I am. Thank you for noticing that I’m pregnant and not just fact!”  I stuck with a simple, “Yes, I am.”

I know the switch to maternity clothes is inevitable – within the next couple weeks, because even the 2 pairs of pants I am able to wear with Bella Bands are getting tight – but I feel better now, hoping that I’ll look cute and pregnant instead of frumpy and fat!!

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Chloe’s Stories

When Chloe Mae wants to read a book (which is pretty much all the time these days) she’s pretty clear about it.  She says, “Bouk, bouk!!”  But when she says , “Stowy, stowy!!” it means she wants to read from this book:

We've read this book so much in the last few months that some of the writing on the front has rubbed off.

There are about 20 stories in this collection, each one about 15 pages long.  Every story starts out the same: “This is Apple Tree Farm.  This is Mrs. Boot, the farmer.  She has two children called Poppy and Sam and a dog called Rusty.”  Quite often, the story just doesn’t quite flow.

The top line says, “Curly is out.”  Then the following lines say, “Then with a grunt, Curly pops through the fence.  ‘He’s out, he’s out,’ shouts Sam.”  They seem to repeat themselves.  I know there are some books that have condensed or more complete versions of the text, so we’ve tried reading through the stories reading on only the top lines or only the bottom lines, but the stories don’t make sense that way either.

If Chloe Mae had it her way, we would read through this 320 page book every day – or even all in one sitting.  DaddyMort and I on the other hand have a limit of about 4 or 5 stories at once.  On the weekends, it leans more towards Chloe’s preferences though – because she has all day to ask for her stories.  And really, what kind of parents would we be if we said, “I’m sorry kiddo.  We’re not going to read any more stories today.”

Let me tell you though, about a half hour before bedtime tonight, DaddyMort and I exchanged a look when Chloe wanted another story.  Who was going to be the lucky parent who got to read with her??  What a problem we have 🙂

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In Training

We thought Chloe Mae was doing a pretty good job of buckling her baby into the swing/rocker we have and she was pretty darn happy while she was doing it.

Then she picked up her baby like this. We realized we’ll have some work to do before Baby D* arrives in September.  (Yup, we’re pregnant!!)  She also carries her baby around by her leg and will occasionally just drop her as she walks along.  This won’t work so well down the road.

On to that whole pregnancy thing… I’m about 11 weeks along. We had our first doctor’s appointment last week. He heard the heartbeat and said everything looks great. Now if only I felt great :-/  I know I had nausea with Chloe, but in general it wasn’t too bad as long as I ate frequent, small meals or snacks. This time around, it doesn’t seem to matter and I’m generally miserable. It’s probably made worse by the fact that I’m not getting as much sleep and I can’t just go home at the end of the day and veg out. I have to be up, moving and accomplishing things. Turns out, Chloe Mae would still like some attention from me 🙂

I haven’t gained any weight yet, but my pants haven’t fit for weeks. I’m very thankful for the Bella Bands I have from last time, but I think I’ll be moving into maternity clothes here soon. I have mostly pants and long sleeves from my first pregnancy, which will work for now. But we’re dreaming of summer in our house (and playing outside!!) and I was already thinking about my lack of short sleeves and shorts. Luckily, Trishia has loaned me some more summer-y clothes.

Hopefully, as I start to feel better, I’ll find time for the non-essentials in my life again – like blogging to update the world on the lives of the Mortvedt’s.  I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats waiting for more posts from me 🙂

*This baby will have a name that starts with a ‘D.’ We already have Aaron, Blakely and Chloe, so it follows that this baby’s name will start with ‘D.’ That’s right – we’re a theme name sort of family.


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