Windowsill, Bathroom … Whatever Works!

*Despite the name, this post is not disgusting!

As a kid, when we’d gather up at Grammie and Papa’s house, my cousin Bethany and I would inevitably end up holing ourselves up in the bathroom until an adult would knock on the door and remind us that bathrooms are not gathering places.  Ridiculous, we thought!  There were 2 other toilets in my grandparent’s house if people really needed to go, but not anywhere else that our brothers would just leave us alone! 

I think Chloe and Julia may have found their spot at Nanna and Dudad’s house:

Well, for now at least.  It’s not as spacious or quite as private as the bathroom Bethany and I used, and pretty soon their cute little butts might not fit, but this windowsill on the landing makes the perfect spot for these girls to gather and chit-chat right now.  They had a sleepover on Friday night and apparently spent most of the evening sitting here, eating Cheerios and talking about the woes of toddler-hood!


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