Breakfast Conversations

*Apparently I’m doing a breakfast theme this week. I’ll see if I can keep it up all week 🙂

I’ve been receiving weekly emails from Babycenter about Chloe’s development since I was about 10 weeks pregnant with her. Within the last couple weeks, one of the updates said that by now she should be speaking about 20 words. This seemed like a low number to me* – I’m pretty sure Chloe Mae can say 20 words just naming foods.

This morning at breakfast it seemed like Chloe was just chattering away and I decided to keep track of what she was saying. The following is what she said and (my interpretation.)

Bye-bye daddy. Work. Daddy, door close! (Bye daddy! Have a great day at work…. Hey! Daddy – you didn’t close the door all the way!)
Night-night Haven. Night-night Julia. Bonk head. Door close. *nods head with a very serious look on her face.* (Mom, do you remember last night when I said good night to Haven and Julia? Then, when we got upstairs, I ran down the dark hallway to my bedroom and hit my head on the door because it was closed. Yeah, that totally happened.)
Chloe toast. Mama toast. Chloe smoothie. Mama smoothie. Smoothie – juice, milk, yogurt, fruit. (Hey mom! We both have toast and smoothies for breakfast! Our smoothies have juice, milk, yogurt and fruit in them.)
Owie toe. Naked! *unzips pajamas* Diaper!  MamaMort: Chloe, you need to leave your pajamas on until you’re done eating please.  Zip up. *looks at me very seriously while starting to zip them back up* Zip up. (I just hit my toe on my chair. I think the best solution is to take my pajamas off and be naked. Look – I unzipped them all the way to my diaper! MamaMort chimes in… Ok, I’ll zip them up. See mom – as long as you’re watching, I’m totally zipping them up!)
All done mama!! (That one’s easy enough…)
No no mama. Buckle. Oops! Break. Help please! (Even though I told you I was done, insinuating that I wanted out of my highchair, you should have magically left the buckle buckled. *Chloe starts working on re-buckling it and a piece of it came apart* Mama, can you help me fix it?)

A year ago Chloe said, “og” for dog and had a few signs, but that was all for communication. Today, she’s putting together word combinations, telling stories from things that happened in the past, ‘reading’ us her favorite books, singing songs and making her wishes pretty well known. By my count, Chloe Mae used over 30 different words just at breakfast today. We barely skimmed the surface of her knowledge of food, clothing and the people in her life. We didn’t have any discussions involving animals, her favorite books, colors or places we might go. Yet, my little chatterbox was talking up a storm about all kinds of things, unprompted by me. Seriously amazing!!

*Now, I know that every child develops differently and it’s possible that Chloe is behind in another area of development, but just humor me and let a Mama brag!!



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2 responses to “Breakfast Conversations

  1. Good thinking Chloe – I think getting naked is ALWAYS the best solution.

  2. Oh, Trishia… Just wait until Amaya figures out how to take off her own clothes!!

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