Chloe has an announcement…

We had our ultrasound this morning and everything looked great.  The ultrasound tech was pretty sure within the first 10 seconds that we were having a boy and confirmed it several times as we went along.  I think I was just as amazed by this ultrasound as I was by Chloe Mae’s.  We saw his heart, kidneys and lungs along with all the tiny digits of his fingers and the long bones of his legs.  Just amazing!!  His measurements were all right on and they estimate his weight at 8 oz. right now.

I’m also doing great and have been labeled, again, as ‘boring’ by my doctor.  I’ll take it!!  My weight gain is on track, my blood pressure is good and I’m measuring the exact size I should be.

Now on to garage sales, so we  can stock up on everything our little man might need!!


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