At least it’s a Net Gain!!

Last weekend, MissK* had a garage sale and kindly let us take our stuff down to sell.  We took an entire vehicle full (my bigger vehicle full!!) of junk down.  We brought very little back at the end of the weekend and came home with close to $120 in cash.  Wahoo!

In the same time period, we went to a few garage sales ourselves.  We spent $63 dollars and brought home quite a haul:
-small table and chairs that are just Chloe Mae’s size
-2 Dr. Seuss books
-Little People Amusement Park set
-doll sized Pack-n-play
-8 sleepers, 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of shoes and a bag of socks for BabyD (aka Devon in case you haven’t heard)
-2 hooded towels and a robe for BabyD
-a crib set with dust ruffle, fitted sheets, bumper, artwork and rug for Devon’s room

We got a lot of really good deals at the garage sales and in the end, we made more money than we spent and I think the actual volume of stuff we ended up with is smaller, so I’m calling our weekend garage sale experience a win!!  Round 2 starts tomorrow 🙂

*Who is MissK?  She is our friend and Chloe’s sitter.  She is also pregnant with a little boy right now and has an amazing daughter who’s about Chloe’s age.  We’ve known each other a year now, and I can’t imagine the last year of our lives without her and her family.  I feel completely comfortable leaving my child with her every day and appreciate that I have a confidant in my every day life.  I think she’s an important enough part of our life to receive her own name in our blog 🙂


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