I love my daughter enough to…

…eat gelato for her!!  We got a great deal on a play kitchen for her about a year ago.  We found some some food on clearance a couple months later, MissK gave Chloe a couple plates and we’ve borrowed a fork and a bowl from Chloe’s personal collection.  She’s been lacking in bowls though.  *cue hero music*  So last week, DaddyMort and I got some gelato and saved the little bowls and spoons that came with it.  We brought them home, gave them a good wash and ta-dah!!


 She was seriously excited about these from the first moment she saw them – still covered in sticky gelato. They were sitting on the counter tonight and she spotted them during dinner. We spent the rest of dinner saying, “Yes kiddo. We’ll play with the blue bowls after dinner.”  “Yes, we’ll take them downstairs to your playroom after dinner.”   “Chloe Mae, when did we say we’d play with the blue bowls? ….  Yes, after dinner.”  So after dinner, Chloe had the time of her life playing with some almost-garbage.


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