He listens better than his sister!!

On Wednesday of last week I posted that I was still waiting to feel BabyD move.  Unlike his fiercely independent older sister, who tends to do the opposite of what we request, (that couldn’t have anything to do with being 2, could it??) BabyD seems to be taking my request into consideration.  Last Friday I was pretty sure I felt him a couple times.  Then over the weekend I was sure I felt him.  Within a few days of me feeling him, DaddyMort felt a good, strong kick.  And last night I even saw my stomach pop out a few times when he was moving around.

Looks like he was just taking his sweet time until he could really make an impact.  Maybe he’s more like his sister than I thought….  BabyMort, who’s now ToddlerMort, was a late crawler and walker.  When she finally started, she could make it across the entire room at once though!!


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