Our Little Helper

The other day, I asked Chloe to put a couple books away.  She took them back to her room and didn’t return.  When I went to find her, she was putting all of her books away on her shelf.   Didn’t she do a good job??

I was thrilled that she was taking the initiative to clean up her room, but immediately wanted to straighten the books up myself.  I held back, because I didn’t want to discourage her. 

She always wants to help us cook these days and is constantly on her stool in the kitchen or on the counter.  (She actually had a melt down yesterday when I put her stool away in anticipation of Julia being here while I was cooking lunch.  I thought having 2 girls and 1 stool would create a problem, but Chloe was not happy that I wasn’t letting her help!!)  When we clean, she wants to help.  This works out great if we’re dusting near unbreakables, but isn’t so great when we’re cleaning toilets.  Luckily, she got a broom for her birthday, so she can add another chore to her list. 

I’m hoping I can give up control enough to know that when she’s helping, she’s learning.  And I hope I don’t dampen her spirit by correcting her too often.  Maybe a few months from now, I can  teach her how to change diapers 🙂


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