I’m a Planner

I will admit, I’m a planner.  I’ve always been one and imagine I always will be.    In elementary school, I planned my birthday parties and gave my mom a to-do list.  I’ve already started coming up with plans of how DaddyMort will use his vacation time when BabyD arrives – based of course on what day he arrives.  Especially since Chloe’s been born, I’ve tried to tone it down a bit, because I understand that every minute of life can’t be planned out.  But none-the-less, I’m still a planner.

Here’s how my obsessive planning has come into play with regards to our upcoming vacation:

-The minute our plane tickets were booked, flying out of an airport several hours away because they were half price, I found a hotel to stay in that has a bedroom suite.  This way, we won’t all have to go to bed at 8PM like Chloe Mae, and there’s a kitchen in the room as well, so we can take food and drink with us without a hassle.  There’s also a shuttle to the airport with free parking while we’re gone.  The best part – I got it for only $55, which would basically be the cost of parking!!

-About a week ago, I started The List.  The List includes a section for each bag we’re taking – checked bag, carry-on, diaper bag, hotel bag, cooler, bag for the car… and what needs to be packed in each bag.  I broke it down to include specific quantities – i.e. not just books for Chloe, but 3 books in the diaper bag and 5 in the suitcase.  Then last night, yes 2 nights before we’ve leaving, I packed everything possible on the list.  Obviously there are certain things that can’t be packed until the last minute, but have no fear, a new list was created for such items – including when they can be packed and what bag they should go in.

-I used the power of Google and found an outdoor shopping center about 2 miles from our hotel that has an Old Navy – this is important because I have a pair of shoes that I need to return for Chloe and obviously going to an O.N. in Kansas City is easier than Des Moines 🙂 – a Children’s Park so Chloe Mae can run off some energy and plenty of food options for dinner.

-I have a stack of papers including our hotel confirmation, e-tickets, directions to the hotel and from the hotel to the shopping center and a map of the shopping center ready to go.  As much as I love our phones, I don’t want to be driving around lost on our way to the hotel and depend on cell phone reception or get to the hotel and deal with someone unable to find our reservation and have no proof with me.

DaddyMort’s been poking fun at me for my obsessive planning, but I’m hoping that with enough planning ahead of time, our vacation will actually be relaxing!  We don’t have any definite plans when we arrive in Austin, so I feel like I’m doing pretty good on giving up control a bit, but I’m pretty sure once we arrive and I talk to my family a bit more, I’ll start developing plans.  What can I say, I’m a planner and I kinda like it 😀


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One response to “I’m a Planner

  1. Thanks for planning out all of our trips, parties, weekends, evenings, weekly menus, shower schedule, and all the little stuff too dear. 😀

    I don’t know where I would be without your plans, The List(s), and all of your general organization. This is just another example of why we are so good together – you are a planner and I am a do-er. Together we are awesome!

    Thanks for making sure I don’t get down to Austin and then realize I forgot to pack any socks or underwear.

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