Baby D Update

What’s Devon up to these days, you ask??  Well, according to BabyCenter he should be about 13.5 inches long and weigh about a pound and a half.  They say he can be compared to a rutabaga, but I can’t say that helps me much.  He should be starting to pack on the baby fat soon and start growing hair.

I feel like I’m carrying very low and his kicking seems to confirm that.  The movement (as I’m trying to call it – especially around my sweet daughter who doesn’t understand why the baby can kick mommy, but she’s only supposed to kick balls…) is definitely becoming more frequent and noticeable. I can’t discern a hand or a foot, but there are times it’s pretty clear that he wasn’t just shifting around a bit – there’s force behind his movements!! I’m not getting any rib kicks or punches, but sometimes I feel the kicks so low I could swear he’s plotting his escape already!!

DaddyMort is my hero, and even in the craziness of getting ready for vacation last week, he found time to get the first coat of paint on in Devon’s rooms, so hopefully we’ll be able to get the rest of the painting done soon and start getting everything put together.  Right now, the whole house is a bit of a disaster area with the baby stuff cleared out of his room to make room for painting.

I’ve been feeling pretty good for the last couple months.  The morning sickness and extreme fatigue had gone away, but I wasn’t too big yet.  Unfortunately, over the last week or so, the heartburn started in full force, I’m having trouble sleeping, I’m feeling big and awkward and have more back pain.  Lucky for me, DaddyMort’s broken finger is healing up nicely, so maybe I can talk him into a few more back rubs 😉  And even though I have about 15 weeks to go, I feel like I’m entering the home stretch and can handle the discomfort for the next few months.  At least in my currently optimistic mood 🙂


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