We have a new vehicle…

…and I’m trying to be happy about it.  Here’s the thing though – it’s a minivan.  And there’s just something about a minivan.  I can’t explain what, there’s just something.  Here’s what the logical side of me knows I should be saying about our new acqusition:

We got a minivan!  We traded in my Chevy Equinox for a Mercury Monterey, and got the dealership to cut us a check.  As Chloe will happily tell you, it’s mommy’s favorite color – blue.  There are power sliding doors for the backseat, which is a huge plus with little ones.  The front seats are heated leather seats, with memory settings for several drivers and power adjustable pedals.  There are dual climate controls for the front seat and separate controls for the rear of the vehicle.  The dash displays all kinds of cool things – like miles left until you need to fill up.  And there’s even a built-in kid mirror so I can see my little one(s) in the back seat!

In addition to some of the nicer features the van has, it gets better gas mileage than our previous vehicle.  And the reason we traded it in – we can fit up to 7 people (comfortably 6, but still…)  With the Equinox, we wouldn’t have even been able to fit a 5th person in with 2 car seats.  Now, with the minivan, we can take road trips with family and load up in 1 vehicle.  There’s a decent amount of cargo space in the back and the rest we can strap onto the luggage rack on top.  Now we just need to plan our first trip!

I’m going to review these great features every day, start on some fun adventures in our minivan and pretty soon, that something will be a thing of the past.


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