Potty Training – Take 2

We gave potty training a go last Sunday.  It was silly to try with only 1 day at home and Monday morning drop off’s with MissK are always extra crazy, so there wasn’t enough communication there.  We took a bit of a breather and we haven’t been going at it with gusto this week, just reminding Chloe to go at specific times – like when she wakes up in the morning, after meals, before/after nap and before bed – but keeping a diaper on and not pushing the issue.  We’ve read books about going potty, talked about it and demonstrated.  It’s really quite easy for a pregnant mama to show her little girl how it’s done, and quite often!!  When she’s asked for a ‘big girl treat’ or ‘n-n-n’ (aka M&M) after a success, we’ve tried to offer alternate rewards if possible.   And I’ve done what I should have done from the beginning – I’ve spent evenings reading up on different strategies on the internet and checked out some books from the library.

This weekend is take 2.  We’re not using any 1 specific method, although I am using many ideas from Fellom’s method.  When we wake up tomorrow, we’ll explain that we need to get rid of her diapers and she’s going to have to use the potty all the time.  Then she’ll spend the day naked from the waist down.  We won’t constantly remind her use the potty, just attempt to catch her in the act, so she learns to listen to her body’s signals.  When there are accidents, we’ll just talk about what we should have done instead, i.e. told one of us or run to the potty herself.  We’ll continue to talk about the potty a lot and I’ll continue to demonstrate.  A sticker chart will be used and can be ‘redeemed’ for prizes after it’s filled up.

Sunday will be much of the same, but with underwear on.  Because, realistically, she’ll need to be covered up on a daily basis.  We’ll try leaving the house, because again, realistically, we’ll need to leave the house on a daily basis.  Nothing major, but a short walk or a quick trip to the park.  (But honestly, the weather forecast makes that seem less than exciting!!)  And speaking of leaving the house, Monday Chloe’ll head to MissK’s.  Hopefully after a couple days at home, we’re having enough success that she can still do well even with the distractions of not being at home.

I know it’ll be a frustrating and exhausting weekend.  But I’m hoping we can stick to our guns, because I know that consistency is the best thing for all of us.  I’m prepared to give it my all for the next week.  If we’re still not having success after that, we’ll take a break until after Devon arrives and we’ve all adjusted to the changes that will bring.  Hopefully, Chloe Mae’s a rockstar and we won’t need to worry about that though!!


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