Weekend Highlights

It’s 8 o’clock on Sunday night, and I’m seriously considering bed soon.  I’m mentally and physically exhausted.  But…when I look back on the weekend, we definitely had some good moments.  I’m going to think about those 🙂  It was nothing huge, but sometimes it’s good to remind myself of all the little happy moments we have throughout our days.

  • Friday night we went down to Grandma and Grandpa’s.  Chloe’s cousin, Emma, was in town, and Chloe was very excited to have a chance to play with her.  Halfway through dinner, Grandpa started talking about dessert.  Chloe was one happy girl!!
  • When I got home from work Saturday, I got the greatest hug.  Both arms, big squeeze and wet kiss on the cheek.
  • Sunday morning, Chloe called me ‘P U Stinky.’ I (very maturely) reciprocated that she was also P U Stinky.  So then she got the bright idea that we should take a shower.  The entire time, she giggled.  I will never get sick of that sound!!  And we were no longer stinky 😉
  • We had a breakthrough with independent play this weekend.  In other words, Chloe actually played by herself for more than 30 seconds!!  Well, to be fair, she played with Baby, George, Monkey and some of her other friends instead of mom and dad.  But that works for us!!  They played the Goodnight Moon game and after Chloe cleaned up the living room (by moving all her stuff to the hallway) they had storytime and played Tumblebugs, aka – gymnastics.  That’s what I picked up while I eavesdropped on her at least.

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Now on to the craziest day of the year at work.  We’ve already set up utility transfers at over 3,000 locations tomorrow.  Now we’ll get to deal with the additional hundreds of people who didn’t contact our office in advance.


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