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To Check or Not to Check…

*My mother thinks I share too much on here sometimes, so if you agree with her, you might not want to keep reading.  I’ll be using words like “dilated” and “cervical check.”  You’ve now been sufficiently warned 🙂

Last week at my doctor’s appointment, he informed me that it was the last appointment that I got to remain fully dressed for.  This week’s appointment was the Group Strep B test.  As he was getting ready, he went into what I’m sure is his standard 36-week spiel about how even though he’s ‘in the area’ he can’t do a cervical check, because I’m not yet considered full-term.  He continued on to tell me that he’ll check me next week and that a podunk study out of Tennessee has shown that women who get early cervical checks deliver their babies, on average, one week earlier than women who don’t get the checks.

When he took a breath, I interrupted and asked if he thinks the results of a cervical check really mean anything.  He said no, which was my theory based on my experience with Chloe.  (I was 4-5 cm dilated and 100% effaced for almost a week before I delivered.)  So then I asked if I had to get checked, although I was pretty sure the answer was no.  He confirmed my theory and said if I didn’t want to get checked, just to leave my clothes on when the nurse left the room next week.

One part of me is thinking I won’t get checked next week.  I know it doesn’t really mean much.  With Chloe, I hadn’t had a single contraction until he checked me, so I really feel like him checking did trigger something in my body – even if it was almost a full week before she was born. I feel like it’s important for BabyD to make it as close to his due date as possible.  Chloe was healthy at 38 weeks, but she did have jaundice, which I know is more likely to occur in babies born a couple weeks early.  I don’t want to do anything that might encourage my body to go into labor, I think getting checked did that last time, so I really should wait to get checked this time.  Makes sense, right??

However, I’m also thinking that since I was 4cm dilated without ever feeling a contraction with Chloe Mae, and this time around I’ve been having uncomfortable contractions daily for weeks now, that maybe I should get checked.  I mean, if I know I’m already 4cm+ and the contractions increase in intensity or frequency, I probably want to go to the hospital sooner rather than later.  That kinda makes sense too, right??

So, I’ll spend the next week trying to decide: Do I get checked at my appointment next week or not??


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36 Weeks

A few quick updates:

  • At this point, I’m trying to be prepared for BabyD to arrive any day now.  Chloe was 2 weeks early, so I know there’s a good chance he’ll also arrive early.  I’ve been having contractions several times an hour every day  for weeks now, which I never did with Chloe, so it makes me impatient.  However, I’m also trying not to expect him to arrive any time before 40 weeks.  Sounds easy, right??  We have clothes washed and ready, a carseat ready to go and a place for him to sleep.  So all-in-all, he could come any day and we’d probably do okay.  However, we do still have a whole list of things we need to buy – I happily discovered that if you create a Baby registry at Target you’ll get a coupon for 10% off anything left on your registry.  We have the coupon in hand, so hopefully we’ll have a chance to finish up our shopping soon!!  We are working on stocking our freezer so we’ll have meals ready to go and I’ve been working on deep cleaning the house so we’re in a good spot when he arrives.
  • MissK had her baby last week.  When we went to meet him, Chloe took a quick peek and was off to play with her friend.  I’m happy she wasn’t upset at the sight of me holding a baby instead of paying attention to her.  She’s also still very excited about the idea of her baby brother arriving. Don’t worry though – I’m not naive enough to think it’ll be easy once Devon arrives, but it could be worse 🙂
  • Although my weight gain is about what it was with Chloe, about half my maternity clothes don’t fit any more.  I’m not sure how that works, but I’m pretty sure it’s not fair.  Either way, my impatience combined with being tired of cycling through the same 7 outfits every week, resulted in me getting a new haircut tonight.  Here it is – along with my double chin and ice cream on the belly shelf:

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What day is it?

We’ve been talking a lot about days of the week lately with Chloe. The sticking points for Chloe seem to be: 1) Fridays we get to eat pizza and watch Curious George. 2) Saturday and Sunday are the weekend and Mom and Dad don’t have to work.

We’ve also been trying to convince her to sleep in on weekends. That should be pretty successful with a 2 year-old, right?

Well, I think she’s gotten her wires crossed. We went to visit MissK’s new baby last night and Chloe was offered, and happily accepted, a slice of pizza. She’s still sleeping at 7:30 this morning. I think our cute little girl thinks it’s Saturday 🙂

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The Crafty Mama Edition

With only a few weeks to go unitil BabyD arrives, we’re working on the finishing touches for his room.  We just finished up a couple craft projects tonight, so at this point, there’s some organization left to do and we’re waiting on his rocking chair to arrive.

I wanted to have his name on the wall, but wanted to try for something a little unique.  This is what we ended up with:

I found each letter in a different style from Hobby Lobby.  We used the wall colors – green, tan and orange – along with some brown we have left from Chloe’s room to paint and decorate the letters.  The ‘D’ has a variety of buttons on it (cool side note – some of the buttons are probably 60+ years old, because they all came from a collection of buttons my Grammie saved over the years) and the ‘V’ has ribbon on it.  In my completely unbiased opinion, I think the overall effect is a cool combination of colors and textures.

The other project we took on was making some artwork to flank the window.  I think it turned out really well and it was a good combination of inspiration and leg work on my end and great finish work by DaddyMort.

We started with some 8×10 canvasses and painted them brown.

I printed out the animal shapes we wanted to use and cut them out.  Then I traced around the shape on the canvas with a pencil.

The next step is to get your amazing, talented husband to paint them for you.  (Or maybe you’re a more talented painter than I am, in which case you might not need to employ the services of a husband.  I am not a good painter though, so I was happy that DaddyMort could help me actualize my vision!!)  We used the orange paint from the walls and started painting.

It took 3 coats of paint, but they look fantastic.  Again, just my unbiased opinion 😉


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33 Weeks & Lesson Learned: Eat Quickly

Went back for a check-up last Thursday.  Weight was only up 1 lb in a week, which is on track, so the doctor wasn’t concerned. Everything else checked out just fine as well, so 2 weeks until my next appointment.  In his usual style, my doctor had to have a smart-ass comment to make.  He informed me that I was now officially a high risk pregnancy, because he was turning to a new page in my chart and most medical errors occur due to transcription errors.  *sigh*  I smiled and nodded.

Saturday night we went to the new frozen yogurt place in town, Orange Leaf.  It was delicious.  DaddyMort and I were both sharing ours with Chloe Mae.  Not surprisingly, DaddyMort finished his first, because I’m the world’s slowest eater.  So towards the end, Chloe and I were finishing off my yogurt.  She had a bite, then I had a bite and it was gone.  I didn’t prepare her for the fact that it was going to be her last bite though.  It was close to bedtime and we had run out of frozen yogurt, so there was lots of crying.  You’d think that would be the end of it, right??

On Sunday, we were visiting Grandma and she asked about our trip to get frozen yogurt.  Chloe’s response went something like this:  “Chloe sad. Ice cream all gone.  Mommy eat.  Chloe sad.”  I tried to defend myself, reminding everyone that DaddyMort also ate all of his ice cream, but it fell on deaf ears.  I was at fault for eating the last family bite of frozen yogurt.  So from now on, I either need to eat faster or figure out a way to slow DaddyMort down 🙂

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32 Weeks

Here’s what I got out of today’s appointment:  My children have big heads and the scale at the doctor’s office must be broken.

Here are a few more details, in case you’re interested…

We had an ultrasound since I’ve been measuring big.  The tech measured head, body and femur size as well as fluid levels.  Everything looked normal, except his head was big.  Since Chloe Mae’s head is in the 99+ percentile, that’s not surprising – but does make me a bit nervous for delivery.  We got some really cool 3-D pictures this time around and she verified that we are, indeed, having a boy.

Sticking his tongue out at us

Hand up by his face

Chloe went with us this morning and got to see Devon with the special ‘camera’ the doctors have.  She thought it was cool for about 1 minute, then she was ready to be out of the dark room.  After we let her get down from DaddyMort’s lap to stand next to me and hold my hand, she was happy for a while longer.  When we finally got to see the doctor, he inflated a glove and made her a kitty.  If you ask her, probably the coolest thing ever!!

My blood pressure was fine and I’m measuring 33cm at 32 weeks.  According to their scale, I’ve gained 7 pounds in the last 2 weeks though.  They did have to use a different scale than normal, because the one I usually use was being adjusted.  Unless I’m remembering my numbers totally wrong, I’ve gained 4 pounds according to the scale at home.  Still too much, but not as crazy as 7.  Regardless, I have to go back in 1 week to make sure I don’t have crazy weight gain again.  As usual, the doctor didn’t seem too concerned.  He said it could be water weight, due to being a pregnant woman during a ridiculously hot summer, which I’ll pee out (his words) and said as long as I wasn’t eating Twinkies and drinking root beer all day long, I should be fine.  We’ll see what next week brings!!


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