32 Weeks

Here’s what I got out of today’s appointment:  My children have big heads and the scale at the doctor’s office must be broken.

Here are a few more details, in case you’re interested…

We had an ultrasound since I’ve been measuring big.  The tech measured head, body and femur size as well as fluid levels.  Everything looked normal, except his head was big.  Since Chloe Mae’s head is in the 99+ percentile, that’s not surprising – but does make me a bit nervous for delivery.  We got some really cool 3-D pictures this time around and she verified that we are, indeed, having a boy.

Sticking his tongue out at us

Hand up by his face

Chloe went with us this morning and got to see Devon with the special ‘camera’ the doctors have.  She thought it was cool for about 1 minute, then she was ready to be out of the dark room.  After we let her get down from DaddyMort’s lap to stand next to me and hold my hand, she was happy for a while longer.  When we finally got to see the doctor, he inflated a glove and made her a kitty.  If you ask her, probably the coolest thing ever!!

My blood pressure was fine and I’m measuring 33cm at 32 weeks.  According to their scale, I’ve gained 7 pounds in the last 2 weeks though.  They did have to use a different scale than normal, because the one I usually use was being adjusted.  Unless I’m remembering my numbers totally wrong, I’ve gained 4 pounds according to the scale at home.  Still too much, but not as crazy as 7.  Regardless, I have to go back in 1 week to make sure I don’t have crazy weight gain again.  As usual, the doctor didn’t seem too concerned.  He said it could be water weight, due to being a pregnant woman during a ridiculously hot summer, which I’ll pee out (his words) and said as long as I wasn’t eating Twinkies and drinking root beer all day long, I should be fine.  We’ll see what next week brings!!



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2 responses to “32 Weeks

  1. Meghan

    Do you have Dr Leeds? That sounds like something he would say. I have him and sometimes things things he says it so out there.

  2. MamaMort

    Yes. He’s our guy.

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