33 Weeks & Lesson Learned: Eat Quickly

Went back for a check-up last Thursday.  Weight was only up 1 lb in a week, which is on track, so the doctor wasn’t concerned. Everything else checked out just fine as well, so 2 weeks until my next appointment.  In his usual style, my doctor had to have a smart-ass comment to make.  He informed me that I was now officially a high risk pregnancy, because he was turning to a new page in my chart and most medical errors occur due to transcription errors.  *sigh*  I smiled and nodded.

Saturday night we went to the new frozen yogurt place in town, Orange Leaf.  It was delicious.  DaddyMort and I were both sharing ours with Chloe Mae.  Not surprisingly, DaddyMort finished his first, because I’m the world’s slowest eater.  So towards the end, Chloe and I were finishing off my yogurt.  She had a bite, then I had a bite and it was gone.  I didn’t prepare her for the fact that it was going to be her last bite though.  It was close to bedtime and we had run out of frozen yogurt, so there was lots of crying.  You’d think that would be the end of it, right??

On Sunday, we were visiting Grandma and she asked about our trip to get frozen yogurt.  Chloe’s response went something like this:  “Chloe sad. Ice cream all gone.  Mommy eat.  Chloe sad.”  I tried to defend myself, reminding everyone that DaddyMort also ate all of his ice cream, but it fell on deaf ears.  I was at fault for eating the last family bite of frozen yogurt.  So from now on, I either need to eat faster or figure out a way to slow DaddyMort down 🙂


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