36 Weeks

A few quick updates:

  • At this point, I’m trying to be prepared for BabyD to arrive any day now.  Chloe was 2 weeks early, so I know there’s a good chance he’ll also arrive early.  I’ve been having contractions several times an hour every day  for weeks now, which I never did with Chloe, so it makes me impatient.  However, I’m also trying not to expect him to arrive any time before 40 weeks.  Sounds easy, right??  We have clothes washed and ready, a carseat ready to go and a place for him to sleep.  So all-in-all, he could come any day and we’d probably do okay.  However, we do still have a whole list of things we need to buy – I happily discovered that if you create a Baby registry at Target you’ll get a coupon for 10% off anything left on your registry.  We have the coupon in hand, so hopefully we’ll have a chance to finish up our shopping soon!!  We are working on stocking our freezer so we’ll have meals ready to go and I’ve been working on deep cleaning the house so we’re in a good spot when he arrives.
  • MissK had her baby last week.  When we went to meet him, Chloe took a quick peek and was off to play with her friend.  I’m happy she wasn’t upset at the sight of me holding a baby instead of paying attention to her.  She’s also still very excited about the idea of her baby brother arriving. Don’t worry though – I’m not naive enough to think it’ll be easy once Devon arrives, but it could be worse 🙂
  • Although my weight gain is about what it was with Chloe, about half my maternity clothes don’t fit any more.  I’m not sure how that works, but I’m pretty sure it’s not fair.  Either way, my impatience combined with being tired of cycling through the same 7 outfits every week, resulted in me getting a new haircut tonight.  Here it is – along with my double chin and ice cream on the belly shelf:


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