He’s here!

And a week old already…

Here’s the story of his arrival.  There isn’t a lot to tell, because (luckily) it was fairly quick.

On Saturday night, I noticed I was having contractions about 6 minutes apart.  However, I managed to sleep that night, so they obviously weren’t too intense.  By mid-morning on Sunday, they were 4 minutes apart, but still not too uncomfortable.  Aaron only knew I was having them, because I was timing them on my phone.  By naptime (about 1:30) I decided to call First Nurse and see if they thought I should go in.  They recommended it, so I called my mom and she came over to stay with Chloe until she woke up from her nap.

I got to the hospital (around 3pm) and they hooked me up to monitors.  They confirmed that I was having contractions and said I was about 6.5 cm, 100% and that BabyD was at a -1 or possibly 0 station.  We moved into a room, called some people to head to the hospital and answered about a gazillion questions.  My cousin arrived about 4:30.  After a while, and having the nurse, my husband and cousin all comment on how calm I seemed, I decided the contractions just weren’t strong enough, so I asked to have my water broken.

The doctor came in about 4:50 to break my water.  Afterwards, she said that BabyD was looking up and to the left, so she suggested some positions that might help him turn.  The contractions were immediately more intense.  My mom arrived about 5:10, with a bag full of things to keep her busy.  It wasn’t needed.  After about 7 or 8 contractions, I felt the need to push.  I told the nurse and the doctor came back in the room.  I was 9.5 cm and she said I could go ahead and push.  The nurse told me that was at 5:32.

Devon Kenneth Mortvedt arrived at 5:37PM on September 25.  He was 8lb, 9oz (75th percentile), 20.5 inches long (75th%) with a 14.5 inch head (90th%).

Chloe Mae’s main concerns at the hospital were what foods I currently had in the room and making sure at least 1 recliner had the feet up so she could climb up, down and all around.  She did briefly check out her brother each time she visited and always made sure to give him a ‘little, tiny kiss’ before she left.

More updates to come.  For now, just know that he’s arrived and we’ve survived the first week 🙂



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