2 Week Check-Up

I’m lucky to say I’ve had two healthy pregnancies and two healthy babies as a result.  However, Devon decided to make us worry, just a little.  When the pediatrician saw him the morning after he was born, she heard a heart murmur.  They postponed his circumcision and checked it again later in the day.  It was still there, so they did some tests (chest x-ray, EKG, … some other things I didn’t quite understand) which all came back normal.  And at his 2 week check today, they didn’t hear a murmur, which means it was probably just a flow murmur that worked itself out as his body learned how to work in the real world.  Great news!!

While in the hospital, he also failed the hearing test in his left ear, twice.  They assured us it was most likely just due to ‘gunk’ in his ear, but we still needed to have it re-checked.  Like the murmur, this turned out just fine.  And check out just how cool he looked during the testing!!


He weighed in at 9lb, 9 oz and is 21 inches long.  We addressed the fussiness issues he’s been having and the doctor prescribed some medicine for reflux.  We’re hoping this helps him feel better. I’ve already eliminated major sources of dairy from my diet with no improvement, although I plan on continuing until we get to 2 weeks with no dairy, then I’ll re-evaluate. If it doesn’t seem to be dairy or reflux, the next step is trying out a hypoallergenic formula for a few days.  Hopefully it doesn’t come to that!!

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