“I did it myself!”

While I was feeding Devon on the couch this morning, Chloe went back to her room to play.  After a while, she called that she needed help with something.  I asked if she could come out to the living room or if I needed to go back to her room.  She didn’t answer, so I asked again (and again.)  Finally, she responded “I do it myself, mommy!” with quite a bit of attitude.

When I got done feeding Devon, I went to his room the change his diaper and she ran past the door.  I wasn’t quite sure what I’d seen and asked her to come in his room.  She was wearing this outfit:

She proudly informed me that, “I did it myself!”  She even got the socks on herself – a first for this little girl.  Despite the cool temperatures, I decided to let her wear this outfit (she has a tank top on under her sweatshirt) because she was so proud of her accomplishments.  I think it’s just time for this Mama to put the tank tops away 🙂

At lunch she got her shirt dirty and decided to switch to pants instead of capris under her skirt.  She also added her super special butterfly wings.  So this is the second outfit of the day, that she did all by herself.


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