What’s better than the apple orchard??

Going to the orchard three times!!  Chloe has made 3 trips to Center Grove Orchard this year.  This place is amazing and I think next year we’ll be buying season passes so we can all make several trips.

Her first trip was with aunt Bethany and Mr. Craig.

Coming down off the Billy Goats Gruff bridge.

"Eating" an apple with aunt Bethany.

Her second trip was with Nanna, Dudad, uncle Justin, aunt Bethany and Julia.

She even convinced Nanna and Dudad to join her on the jumping pillow - her favorite part!!

Her third trip was with Miss K and kids, Miss K’s neighbor (the girls’ surrogate grandma) and Devon and I.

This trip started with an apple cider donut. (The trip also ended with one, for the record.)

We never actually made it to apple or pumpkin picking, but we did squeeze in a Mad Hatter tea party.

Devon and I joined Chloe on the jumping pillow. You can see D's grey hood peeking out from the top of the wrap I had him in. Luckily, he finds bouncing to be soothing 🙂



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2 responses to “What’s better than the apple orchard??

  1. Where is this? Are there activities every day? Maybe we should take Amaya when we’re back in Ames next week!

  2. MamaMort

    It’s near Cambridge. And, yes, they have daily activities. You should totally take Amaya – I bet she’d have a blast!

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