My Cutie Girl*

*This is what she calls herself and her brother is a Cutie Boy.

Before Devon’s arrival I’m not sure I would have thought this was possible, but I think I love Chloe Mae even more now.  Although she’s a handful (what 2.5 year-old isn’t?!?) seeing her interact with her brother makes me so grateful to have such an amazing little girl as my daughter.  Not only is she a sweet big sister, but with the craziness of our life right now, I really make an effort to enjoy the moments I do get to spend with her.  Here are some fantastic Chloe-isms from the last week or so.

-While I was combing her hair the other morning, she said to me, “Elephants no work. I just have plain.”  I stared at her reflection in the mirror for a few seconds trying to figure out what in the world she was talking about.  Then I got it: her underpants, obviously!!  She had been wearing some with elephants that morning, but when she get herself dressed for they day after using the restroom, she was having issues getting them back on, because they got twisted funny.  I’m not allowed to help her get dressed anymore though, in fact, I’m not even allowed in the room, and apparently she grabbed a pair of plain underpants and put those on instead.

-While I was feeding Devon, she was reading books in his room.  She started reading a book, then turned it away from her to face Devon and I, explaining to me that she was reading to him and wanted him to be able to see the pictures.  Then she started turning pages and ‘reading’ what was on each page.

-In that same reading session, she read a book about colors.  I was asking her what color each of the items were (a red apple, blue blueberries…) and when I asked what color the banana was, she enthusiastically said, “White!!”  I paused, then said, “You’re right!!  The part you eat is white.  What color is the peel??”  Immediately she responded with, “Yellow.  I no eat peel.  Peel yucky.”

-Chloe put her coat on while I was loading Devon into his carseat.  She was talking about how her purple coat doesn’t have pockets.  When I looked up at her, she had her hands in her hood.  She informed me that she was putting them their so they wouldn’t get cold.

-When I was making her toast for breakfast, I asked what she wanted on her toast.  She said, “I no want peanut butter.  I no want cinnamon sugar.  I want….I don’t know.”  She looked positively stumped.  Then she suddenly yelled, “Jelly!!”  Whew!!  Glad we got that one figured out 😉

-We have some of our best conversations of the day at breakfast.  Devon is usually dozing in her swing and she’s not cranky from a full day of playing (which is often the case at dinner.)  I asked her what she thought she’d do at MissK’s that day.  Her answer is usually, “Play!!”  but that day she told me they’d go on a walk.  Then she went on the explain who would go – Chloe, MissK and MissK’s daughter, N.  However, she thought that MissK’s son, J, who is Devon’s age, should stay home and told me that the dog would keep him company.  I quickly explained that dog’s can’t watch babies – you need an adult for that.

-This morning at breakfast she told me she didn’t like her friend N.  This is a game they play now when they’re in silly mood, where they say they don’t like something or someone they actually are quite fond of – she’ll often say she doesn’t like purple when she’s in this mood.  She went on to say she didn’t like mommy, daddy or MissK either.  Then she went so far as to say she didn’t like anybody.  So DaddyMort asked if she liked Nanna.  She paused….then in the voice of an exasperated teenager she said, “I like Nanna!!”  DaddyMort and I couldn’t help but laugh.

-When she realized she’d left her skirt at MissK’s last night, she immediately went to her room to get a new skirt.  But just one wouldn’t do, she wanted to put on two.  I told her that wouldn’t work, so of course she had to prove me wrong.  I never got a great picture of it, because she was too busy to stand still for a picture, but I got some good shots of my cutie girl while I was trying.



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2 responses to “My Cutie Girl*

  1. nanna

    Chloe Mae, I will ALWAYS like you! Thanks for liking me, even when you’re pretending to not like anyone.

  2. These stories are so cute! I’m excited to hear you can keep loving them EVEN more 🙂

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