Overheard – A Father/Daughter Conversation

Chloe walked over to Devon’s swing and said, “I give it a big push!”

DaddyMort says, “No. You don’t need to play with that.”

Chloe responded, “Yeah. I give big push.”

DaddyMort said, “I said no.”

To which Chloe quickly replied, “I said yes.”

At this point, I started laughing and had to turn away.  But it got better…

DaddyMort calmly responded with, “If you give the swing a big push, you’ll go to time out, because I told you not to.”

Then, in her sweetest voice, Chloe asked, “I give it a little push daddy??”

He was chuckling by this point as well and gave in, giving her permission to do a little push.


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One response to “Overheard – A Father/Daughter Conversation

  1. dana

    how precious! I love Children!

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