Homemade Presents

Last year, I received a sewing machine for Christmas.  I was excited, but intimidated at the same time.  I wasn’t brave enough to try it out until August, shortly before BabyD’s arrival.  Then I made 2 Boppy covers – but I wasn’t convinced of my skills yet, because I just made it up as I went along.  There was no pattern and I expected (and had) imperfections in the completed project.

With Christmas approaching this year, I decided to be brave and make aprons for Chloe and her friend at MissK’s.  Then I realized I better make her one for home as well if I was making them.  And I couldn’t make aprons for the girls without making one for MissK.  I was hoping I would have enough fabric to make one for myself as well (turns out, I did :-))  I bought all the supplies, then they sat around the house for a few weeks while I gathered my courage.  This week, I took the plunge and in a surprisingly short amount of time, got all the aprons done.  (Thanks to DaddyMort for doing all the ironing!!)  I decided they should be early Christmas presents, so we could use them for our holiday baking.

For the adults, I used this tutorial.  And to add a little fun, I followed these directions to make a decorative flower.  I pretty much followed the directions – the only change was adding a safety pin to the flower so it’s removable for washing.  Here’s the finished product.

For the girls, I used this tutorial as a guide.  I shortened up the length a little, since I was making these for toddlers, not older kids.  I skipped the pocket and used ribbon for the straps instead of fabric.  The neck straps don’t seem to stay in place with the D-rings, although using the ribbon may be the reason the D-rings don’t really work.  I’m going  try tying the ribbon through the rings or putting some velcro dots on the neck strap to hold it in place better.  So here’s what they look like:



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2 responses to “Homemade Presents

  1. nanna

    How do you have the time to do this with going back to work this week???? You have always been so organized . . . planning your own birthday party at age 6 — but you still amaze me. Love you, Bake!!

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