12 Weeks

Long time readers (and I’m sure there’s a lot of you ;-)) might be wondering if BabyD’s still around and growing.  Without an update in a couple months, when the boy isn’t quite 3 months old, it would only make sense to question his proper development!!  Let me calm your fears now – he is here and he is most definitely growing!!

For the first year of Chloe’s life, we had a monthly monkey picture.  So far with Devon, we have an “every 5 weeks or so” lion picture.  Here are his first 2:

5.5 Weeks

10.5 weeks

I can’t believe how big he’s getting already!!  In this picture he’s wearing (and barely fitting into) jammies his sister was wearing at 4 months.  He was 10 weeks at his 2-month check-up and weighed in at 14lb, 4oz and is 23 inches long.  He was about 88th percentile for weight, 50th for height and a mere 95th percentile for head size (a pinhead compared to his sister :-))

I started back to work part-time last week and Devon seems to be slowly adjusting to spending his mornings at MissK’s.  After my days off for Christmas next week, I’ll be going back to my full 30 hours a week and Devon will be spending his days at MissK’s – much to the delight of his sister.    She already loves to “take care of” Devon and MissK’s son, who is a month older than Devon, and can’t stop talking about having him there all day.  Hopefully the reality is as great as she thinks it will be!!

My kiddos are in the middle of this group of cuties. These are the friends they spend their days with.

Devon is only eating once a night, which is much better than his sister was doing at this age, although he’s been waking up more frequently as of late.  I know we’ll get there and figure it out though.  He spends some time in his Bumbo and has tried out his exersaucer.  I’m very excited about this stage of his babyhood and am trying to just soak it all in, because I know how quickly it will all pass this time around!!



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2 responses to “12 Weeks

  1. Dudad

    Kiddos are very cute!!!

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