Our Little Sick-o

Chloe had a fever of over 103 with a sore throat and was feeling generally miserable for a couple days.  Here’s a few excerpts from our house during those few days:

-Chloe was playing with her Little People carnival, then laid down on the floor and said, “I’m feeling kinda crumbly…”  That’s right folks – not crummy – crumbly!!

-While getting dressed to take her to the doctor, DaddyMort said, “Thank goodness Chloe’s sick.  I almost washed these jeans with a chapstick in the pocket.”

-Chloe was having trouble sleeping during her nap on Tuesday.  After going in a few times to try to comfort her, DaddyMort said, “Try to get some good rest.”  Chloe replied in her saddest voice, with tears in her eyes, “I’m trying, daddy.  I’m trying.”

-When Devon and I walked in the door Tuesday night, Chloe informed me that she needed to take a bath that night to “wash the germs off me” so she could touch Devon’s hands again.  For a little girl who loves her little brother, and loves to love on him, she’s had a lot of trouble with limits on touching him while sick.

Her fever seemed to break yesterday afternoon and she started eating something other than yogurt at dinnertime.  Although she was a bit cranky this morning, I’m hoping she’s back to her sassy little self soon.



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2 responses to “Our Little Sick-o

  1. In my defense – it was a new chapstick and I found it while getting ready to take her to the doctor. 🙂

  2. Meghan Montegna

    It is so great to have older siblings that just love there baby brothers SO much! My older two boys love the new baby just like Chloe does her brother. They need to touch him and kiss him and give him hugs. It can be just so darn cute sometimes. 🙂

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