Bath Time

At dinner about a week ago, we were talking about how it was bath night.  Chloe said she wanted to take the first bath, but then she dilly-dallyed and it was getting late.  Devon was going to need to go to bed soon, so I suggested that they take a bath together.  I rolled up my pant legs, sat on the side of the tub and held Devon while DaddyMort soaped him up.  Anyone who has bathed a baby before knows that they’re slippery when wet, and even slippery-er when lathered up, but we made it through.

Turns out, the world’s best big sister loved having her brother in the tub with her and wanted him to join her on her next bath.  So we tried putting his little tub in the big tub.  We thought that if the little tub had more water than the big tub, combined with his weight, that it would stay put.  Not so much.  So – I rolled up my pants again to help hold his tub in place during the bath.

The next bath night, we tried the Bumbo.  It still floats, but has been the best option by far.

Here’s the very happy big sister, with the leary little brother.  You can tell by the look on his face that he’s worried about being squirted by Chloe’s unicorn…

We’re thinking about getting one of these to make bath time easier.  Has anyone ever used one before??  Or have any other ideas about bathing a little one with an older sibling??


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  1. Meghan Montegna

    maybe find something that suctions to the bottom of the tub. I don’t know if they make anything like that, but that is all I can think of right now. I don’t remember what I did when Logan was that little and Benjamin wanted to have bath time with him.

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