As a totally unbiased observer, I have to say, Chloe Mae is one smart cookie!!  🙂  Not only is she smart, but she absorbs and remembers everything  we say or do – for better or worse – and is always asking questions, counting, “writing” people’s names, etc…  I want to take advantage of her sponge-like brain and desire to learn by working on her letters, number recognition, shapes and anything else that her 2 1/2 year old brain is interested in learning about. 

I have no desire to send her to preschool at this point.  We’re happy with where she’s at during the day right now.  At this age, I don’t think she needs a classroom setting to learn.    With a little work, I’m fairly confident I can do a perfectly acceptable job of teaching her the basics.  With that in mind, I harnessed the power of Google and came across the Brightly Beaming Resources.  Their preparatory curriculum is 26 weeks long and features a weekly theme and letter of the week, along with a  color, number or shape.  There are suggested activities and books to read to fit the theme. 

The lesson plans are all laid out on the website for free, (which is totally in my price range) so I think I’m going to try to get the first few weeks put together and give it a try.  For all of the seasoned mama’s out there, what did you do for preschool??  Any suggestions for me??


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  1. Will went to Prairie Flower, a Waldorf school (similar to Montessori). The Waldorf model is that play is a child’s work. They don’t stress formal education; instead, they focus on oral storytelling, meaningful work, and loads of creative free play, much of it in nature. It was the perfect fit for him because he needed help coming out of his shell and learning to play with his peers, and an outlet for his creative expression. Chloe already has these skills mastered, but I still bet she would love Prairie Flower!

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