Real Conversations With My Girl

-DaddyMort stayed home with the kids for a couple days when MissK and her kids were sick (after our kids had also been sick.)  Before I left for work, DaddyMort mentioned to Chloe that they would go to the library that morning.  I have rarely seen this girl so excited.  I needed to feed Devon before I went to work, so I was feeding him while DaddyMort and Chloe got ready to go and put the dogs away – all at record speed.  I could hear Chloe running up the stairs, then as she scurried around the corner she was yelling, “Mommy – give Devon to Daddy! We need to go to the library!”  I explained that he was still eating and would be ready to go in just a couple minutes.  She then spent those couple minutes dancing around his room, anxiously waiting for him to be done.  At least she didn’t want to leave him at home for the sake of time 🙂

-Chloe and I were downstairs in her playroom on Saturday playing with a magnet book (or as she calls them – a magna-doodle book) that she got for Christmas.  She got 3 books, but we decided to only leave 1 out at a time, in hopes that not as many pieces would get lost that way.  At one point, at her request, I went upstairs and got her a different magnet book.  She knew she’d gotten 3 though, so she eventually asked for the third.  I was starting a load of laundry (or something – who can remember something that happened a few days ago?!?) so I told Chloe I’d get it in a minute.  Instead, she decided to go upstairs on her own and tell DaddyMort that, “Mommy said you should get my magna-doodle book for me.”  When I came up, I was surprised to see that she had the book already and DaddyMort told me what she’d said.  When I asked her if that’s what I really said, she just batted her cute little eyelashes, smiled and said no.  Seriously, we’re done for when this kid becomes a teenager!!

-On Friday, when I was picking the kids up from MissK’s and talking about the pizza we would be eating for dinner that night, Chloe said, “MissK is having rice and chicken from China for dinner tonight.”  It took me a second to figure out they were having Chinese food.

-A few weeks ago, DaddyMort touched something hot and (very proudly) said “Ha-chi-mama!!” instead of something a bit more colorful in our daughter’s presence.  Chloe thought that was hilarious and started saying “Ha-chi-Chloe!” when her food was hot.  Then last week, Chloe was in the bathroom right after my shower and touched our towel warmer while it was still hot.  She commented that it was hot and I apologized for not telling her it was hot.  Then she touched it again and I told her not to touch it anymore, because it was hot and I didn’t want her to get hurt – although it really wasn’t hot enough to burn her, but it was more the general idea that she shouldn’t touch hot things.  She responded, “Just one more time mommy. I want to say, ‘Ha-chi-Chloe.'”  So then she quickly touched it and proclaimed, “Ha-chi-Chloe!” with a giant grin on her face.

I love, love, love  this little girl.  There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t amaze be or bring a smile to my face.  She’s growing up far too quickly though- does any parent not feel this way?!? – so I feel the need to record and try to remember all of her adorableness!!

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