Valentine’s Day

Devon is growing up so fast, but still a snuggly little baby (most of the time) and I’m working on soaking up every minute of it.  I am also loving the wonderful little girl that Chloe Mae is becoming.  And one of my favorite things about her getting older is that we get to do fun things together for holidays, which makes them so much more fun!!  For Valentine’s Day, DaddyMort and I have decided to make heart shaped meals for breakfast and dinner.  Well, I won’t actually be making anything, but I helped come up with the ideas and married a man with the skills to execute 🙂

For breakfast tomorrow, we’re having heart-shaped Red Velvet Pancakes  and heart-shaped Bacon.

For dinner, we’ll be dining on heart-shaped homemade chicken nuggets, heart-shaped roasted sweet potatoes (because our girl won’t eat french fries, but loves sweet potatoes – go figure!) and heart-shaped pineapple.  I think we’ll puree some strawberries and make pink milk for her to enjoy with dinner as well.

Other Valentine’s notes:

Chloe’s already had the pleasure of making some Valentine’s for us and some friends and decorating some heart cookies at MissK’s last week.  When MissK explained the concept of Valentine’s Day to the girls – that you make things for the people you love – she asked who they loved.  Chloe’s answer – Jesus.  Good answer, kiddo, but we’re not going to be decorating any cookies for Him.

And my wonderful husband didn’t want me to be left out when it comes to special Valentine’s meals, so he’s making mine tonight – complete with a caramel cake with chocoalte ganache and caramel frosting for dessert.  Yum!!

Do you have any fun traditions or new ideas to try for Valentine’s Day this year??

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  1. Meghan Montegna

    I think if I didn’t have such an awful cold that I would do something special but right now I”m just trying make it through the days so that I can sleep 😦

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