I’ve seen this photo, or one similar, floating around the internet a lot lately.

Chloe had a similar moment when telling a story the other night and I laughed so hard I cried a  little.

While Aaron was grilling on Sunday night, the kids and I took a walk and stopped at Nanna and Dudad’s.  During dinner, Aaron asked Chloe Mae about our stop at N&D’s.  Her response, complete with a huge grin: “Dudad surprised me and I pooped on my finger!”

If you want to know the real story, keep reading.  Chloe’s version is pretty funny though, so you might just want to stick with that 🙂  When we arrived on their deck, we found Nanna, but Dudad was still on a bike ride.  We were hanging out, just enjoying the nice weather.  Chloe was walking along their rock path, not really paying attention, when Dudad popped around the corner and said, “Hi!”  Hence the first part of her story, where he surprised her.

The second part occurred a few minutes later when Chloe took a bathroom break.  While she was finishing up, she could have benefited from a bit more toilet paper.  It was nothing a little hand-washing couldn’t take care of, but it was a major event in her life apparently.

This is definitely a story I need to remember and share with boyfriends in the future!


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