The Countdown Is On!

These days, we do a lot of talking about “how many sleeps” until events with Chloe Mae.  There are a few things coming up that she’s especially excited about – the walk to help babies, camping, her birthday, her parties and a wedding – and I was confusing myself talking about the length of time until each of the events.  So on Saturday, while the other 3 were at the library, I made this:

It’s a calendar of events for the next few weeks.  Chloe got home right as I was finishing the squares, so she helped me decorate all the special days and we added an “N” for Nanna days and a “K” and MissK days.  Then she helped me pick out a picture to print, I laminated it and glued on a piece of a free magnet from the phone book.  I stuck it all up on the fridge and now Chloe can see how long it is until the next exciting event!

She still doesn’t really understand how long it is until anything, but at least now we have something visual for her (and us) to refer to!


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