My Favorite Bleach

I actually hate bleach. I prefer to stick with more natural, less toxic cleaners when possible.  Every now and then, when there’s a stubborn stain that just won’t come out of a white shirt or when the diapers start to look really dingy, I briefly consdider getting some bleach.  Until my good friend appears:


Chloe ate spaghetti for lunch the other day at MissK’s while wearing her “C” shirt and I’m pretty sure that her friend gave her a big spaghetti hug when they were done eating, because the front AND back of the shirt were completely covered in spaghetti sauce.  I pretreated it with a stain stick and threw it in the wash.  The stain didn’t come out though, so in to an Oxi-Clean soak it went for the next couple hours.  Then I washed it with the diapers – about 2.5 hours of cleaning time with pre-soaks and extra rinses.  Still there.

As a ‘last ditch’ effort to save the shirt, I put it out on the clothesline for the day.  When the shirt came in at the end of the day, there was no sign of a spaghetti hug.  So the shirt lives on to be worn again by my cute girl and I was reminded, yet again, of my love for the sun!


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