Our Big Girl *sniffle, tear*

We decided to dive in head first and make the switch to a big girl bed and get rid of the pacifier all at once.  We played it up all week and Chloe Mae was pretty pumped.  We told her that the Pacifier Fairy would come get her paci’s and leave her a special present for her bed.

Chloe’s big girl bed, prior to dinner.

The note Chloe had me write for the “Paci Fairy.”

Look what the Paci Fairy left! It’s a “RaTangled” blanket!

Excited to sleep in her big girl bed!

She was so excited that she asked to go to sleep early.  She fell asleep with no issues.  She slept just fine over night.  At about 5:45 she woke up crying, but I went in and told her it was still time to sleep and tucked her back in.  I don’t know if she went back to sleep, but she was at least quiet for a while longer.

I was worried that nap time wouldn’t happen, but she did great.  She woke up a little sad again without the pacifier to help ease her awake, but she was okay as soon as I got her out of her bed.  That’s right.  She’s still waiting for us to get her out of bed.  I’m not planning on telling her she can get out herself just yet 🙂

I’m crossing my fingers that we continue to have good luck, but the firsts were a success!


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