Deja Vu – How Quickly We Forget

When Devon started solids, there wasn’t anything the boy wouldn’t eat.  And he would eat impressive amounts.  But recently, we’re struggling at mealtime.  I decided to look back at my blog from when Chloe was 9 months and see if we’d dealt with this.  Apparently, we did.

At dinner tonight, Devon had sweet potato cakes, quinoa, bread and applesauce.  He happily let me sneak in bites of applesauce in between his ‘big kid’ bites of other food and there was a heck of a lot less screaming during the meal.  The quinoa and sweet potato cakes had to be served from my fork or he wouldn’t eat it though.  Silly boy!!

There was even some clapping.  Or signing for “more.”  I’m not sure.  He’s cute either way.

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