The Boy Update



Believe it or not, Devon is 10 months old already!!  I think this is one of my favorite ages for my kids.  They’re are learning so much and there is something new almost every day.  He started crawling a few weeks ago and quickly mastered it.  He still can’t keep up with his sister most times though, and that’s pretty frustrating for him.  Devon loves playing patty-cake, peek-a-boo with his taggie blanket, balls, blocks and books.  

He’s turned up his nose at most pureed foods.  He’d much rather eat what we’re eating!!  He also loves drinking water from a sippy cup.  He’ll drink a whole cup at dinner if we let him.  

At this 9-month check up, he was 28.75 inches, 21 lb 14 oz and his head was 48.5 cm.  He was just above 50% for height, a little more for weight, and still over 99% for head circumference.  Luckily, my kids are cute even with their big heads 🙂  This week Devon was diagnosed with his 3rd ear infection in 2 months (and he’d had a couple before that) so we’re headed to the ENT later this month for (hopefully magical) tubes.

And here’s his 10-month lion shot.  He’s dirty, disheveled and in his jammies, but I kept forgetting to take it.




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