Just Another Saturday…

We went to the Iowa State Fair on Saturday with my older brother and family and my younger brother.  Since Gibson, my nephew, is only 2 weeks old, he was going to stay home with Nanna and Dudad.  Not wanting him to feel left out, Devon also spent the day at home with N & D.  He taught Gibson some of his tricks – like how to play with a water bottle, how to poop on the carpet , and how to be a punk and not eat your bottle.

At the fair, we mainly just ate.  Chloe also got a couple tattoos, admired the baby animals and the ginormous animals, and was tended to by a paramedic for the first time.  (She was pushed off of some playground equipment by another kid and hit her head on the way to the ground.  We were right next to the first aid station, so we headed over for an ice pack. The volunteer insisted on getting a paramedic to check her out.  Good news – she was fine after a few minutes with an ice pack.)

Double Bacon Corndog!

Could these girls be any cuter?!?

Pork Chop “On A Stick”

At the end of the day, we decided to confuse things by holding each others kids for pictures.


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