Tubes, Round 2

Devon adores his big sister. He loves to follow her around the house and try to do whatever crazy thing she happens to be doing at the time. So it would only make sense that he’d be getting tubes in his ears, just like she did at this age. He wouldn’t want to be left out, right?  😉

In all seriousness, it seems like if Devon hasn’t been miserable from the ear infection, he’s been miserable because of the antibiotics, despite our best efforts with probiotics and yogurt for months on end now.  After back-to-back ear infections for most of the summer, we’re hoping this takes care of the problem before winter colds arrive! We just went to the ENT last Friday, but they had an opening left for tomorrow, so we jumped on it. We’ll be reporting to the hospital bright and early at 6AM. For once, Devon’s tendency to wake up ridiculously early might work in our favor 🙂 

We had to squeeze a pre-op physical in on Monday, which ended up being less than routine. The doctor found a heart murmur, again, so he had to have some additional tests to make sure he’d be okay to undergo anesthesia.  The chest x-ray came back fine, but we’re still waiting on results of the ECG. Apparently, his murmur isn’t the bad kind (whatever that means!) so the doctor cleared him based on the chest x-ray results. We should hear back from the pediatric cardiologist in the next couple days about the ECG. When we get those results, I’m hoping I can also get some more answers on why the murmur would appear again after 10+ months of him checking out okay.

In the midst of all this, Chloe Mae has continued to be an amazing big sister.  She went to the (very long, with lots of waiting) ENT appointment with Devon and I. I think she was more patient than I was. The nurse didn’t give me any stickers though, so that might have been the difference…  And this morning, while she was packing her suitcase with 2 shirts, a skirt, 2 pairs of socks, 5 pairs of panties, her jammies and her blanket (“Does Nanna have sheets or should we pack mine?”)  for Nanna and Dudad’s tonight (because if she had to wake up as early as her brother tomorrow, she would be Miss CrankyPants!) Chloe talked again about how Devon’s ears are going to get better so he doesn’t get sick anymore. She thought that was pretty alright. She was also excited about using her toothbrush that she gets to keep at Nanna and Dudad’s. Ahhh…to be 3 again!!

Wish us luck in the morning! If it’s anything like it was with Chloe, the worst part will be keeping my chubby, hungry boy happy with no food, or even breastmilk, until it’s all said and done.


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