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One Year Ago Today… Version 2.0

September 25, 2011 was a Sunday.  I’d been having contractions for weeks, so I didn’t think a whole lot of the contractions I had that morning.  By lunchtime, I realized they were coming regularly and by the time we put Chloe down for a nap, they were just a few minutes apart, so we decided we better head over to the hospital.  My mom came over to stay with Chloe and we leisurely checked into the hospital.  When my mom called to say she’d taken Chloe over to some friends and that she’d be on her way to the hospital, I decided to have my water broken to try to speed things along.  Oh boy did it!  Devon came rushing into the world less than 40 minutes later.  A year later, our lives still don’t show any signs of slowing down!


Devon is a crawling machine.  He’ll occasionally cruise along furniture, but has shown little interest in walking.  Walking would be far too slow when trying to keep up with his big sister!  His favorite activities include playing with the water straight from the faucet in the bathtub, climbing into his sister’s bed and bouncing up and down, and watching the dogs from afar.

He loves drinking water from a sippy cup, straw cup or straight from the bottle. There aren’t many foods he won’t eat, but some of his favorites are meat (I know that’s vague, but he likes pretty much any meat), carrots, anything from a squeeze pouch, plain, unsweetened, Greek yogurt and scrambled eggs.

We were lucky to celebrate Devon’s birthday with a house full of family and friends on Saturday.  For his actual birthday, I took the day off work and we went to Center Grove Orchard with some friends.  We went here last year when Devon was just a few weeks old, and I think he had a bit more fun today 🙂  He is not, however, a fan of the corn pool.  And by that, I mean that he screamed any time he came in contact with the corn.  Luckily, there were plenty of other things he liked – the bouncing pillow, giant slide, crawling in the dirt and Apple Slushies!


Devon spent last year’s trip to the orchard sleeping, while strapped into his carrier. You can see his gray, hooded head in this picture.


You can spot Devon a little easier this year’s picture. And he definitely didn’t sleep through the trip!


Apple slushie!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, sweet boy!  We are so looking forward to watching you learn and grow in the years to come!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

A few months late, I know.  However, back in May, this was my Mother’s Day present:

I got this tattoo on my left wrist.  It has the word “love” in the infinity symbol.  Then below that, I have the kids’ birthdates.  I had it done in white ink, because I didn’t want anything too drastic, considering laser removal is not in my budget.

Here’s the thing though – a few months down the road, I don’t think it’s enough.  Now, part of that might be that it just needs to be touched up in  a few places.  But maybe it’s just not enough and I should have some color added.  So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do.  It was a wee-bit uncomfortable to have the tattoo done, so I want to make sure that when I go back, it’s for good.  I don’t want to have it retouched, and then go back in again to have color added.

What would you do?  Leave it white?  Redo it in black? Redo it in another color?  I need opinions!!



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